About me

i AM

I am a recent graduate from Old Dominion University in Norfolk, VA, with drive, ambition and motivation in mass media and broadcast journalism. My  Bachelors of Science majoring in Communications with a minor in Women Studies. During my college career, I discovered my interest in broadcast journalism and communications, as well as, the historical contributions of women. As a Communications scholar, I’ve learned many ways to effectively communicate in interpersonal settings and through writing. With a minor in Women’s Studies I learned about the evolution of women. Through my studies, I have become an active advocate against violence against women.



Feel free to follow my journey as a follow my dreams.

wHAT I've DOne.

I started writing my senior year at, Warwick High School, for the school yearbook. I immediately fell in love with crafting words and images to tell a story. After the 1st marking period of my senior year, I was selected to be the business editor. As the business editor, I was responsible for properly advertising the yearbook to students, staff and potential sponsors.


Throughout my college career at, Old Dominion University (ODU), I have fine-tuned my writing skills by writing for the school newspaper, the Mace and Crown, and news station, ODU TV News. Writing for the Mace and Crown allows me to  pitch, research, perform interviews, and write stories. ODU TV News is an upcoming news station on the campus of ODU, responsible for campus news, entertainment and sports coverage. ODU TV News helps me gain experience in broadcast journalism. My experience with ODU TV News includes; writing, filming, editing, and producing a newscast.

After completing my Bachelors of Science degree in May 2014, I plan to hit the ground running and pursue my goals of being a news anchor and news producer. I am a news lover, I love how unpredictable yet impactful the news is. 

As I pursue my career goals, I aspire to:

1) Inform and educate others.

2) Encourage change and make a difference in the community and world.

3) Provide alternative angles, views and insight on many different topics to help people understand situations better.