project #2

Examine 8 rules/ guidelines of nonverbal communication. Identify the relationship of each rule/ guideline to organizations settings. Provide evidence of adedimic research to prove the relationship between each rule/ guideline in relation to organizational settings. 

Project #1

An Annotated Bibliography for the 2


1. Heeman, V. (2007). Workplace Bullying: A Distinct, Interpersonal,

and Communicative Phenomenon. Paper presented at the meeting of

the National Communication Association.

2. Omdahl, B. L. (2006). Towards effective work relationships. In J.

M. H. Fritz & B. L. Omdahl (Eds.), Problematic relationships in the

workplace (pp. 279–297). New York: Peter Lang.



a. Summary

b. Synthesize and Evaluation

c. Reflection