Hello, I'm Kiahnna Patterson. Welcome to my Blog.

Overall, creating my Wix account was trial and error. The easiest part of setting up my Wix account was after failing twice. I recreated my entire website twice. Now I am professional! Like all new things, I had to learn how to work through diversity and overcome obstacles.

Since I am not technologically savvy and I am very indecisive, I struggled with everything from saving my website to choosing a template. I also, struggled with adding text to my website without the text box altering my websites alignment.

I am extremely excited about my Wix page at this time. I really like simple yet professional look of my website. As I progress, I will revisit my 'home' page and add more material. I will remove the 30 professional headshots and revisit the layout of my 'about me' page.

The only question I have at this stage of the ePortfolio project is:

1) How do I make my ePortfolio easily accessible for employers?

2) How do I advertise my ePortfolio?

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