ePortfolio Reflection

The ePortfolio encouraged me to think objectively about bullying in the workplace. Before extensively researching the severity of hostile work environments, I dismissed the idea of bullying in the workplace. The two articles assessed during research of the bullying in the workplace phenomenon examined unhealthy work relationships and insight on how to combat unhealthy work relationships. The eight rules/ guidelines of nonverbal communication allowed me to think critically. After preforming research on nonverbal communication methods in the workplace, I recognize and prevent miscommunication.

After completing the ePortfolio, I am pleased with the improvement of my professional presence online. Moving forward, I plan to continue my using my ePortfoilo. I will create business cards with a similar template. I also, plan to launch a personal blog and resume reel on my ePortfoilio.

I like the simplicity of my ePortfolio. My ePortfoilio is a great representation of my interest in journalism and career goals. My ePortfoilo is inspired by my favorite bloggers. I have always wanted to start my own blog, this ePortfoilo gave me the tools and motivation to start one.

The most challenging aspect of creating my ePortfoilo was learning how to edit the template, saving/ publishing and allowing my WIX to be open to the public. Learning how to edit and saving/publishing was my biggest obstacle. I created my ePortfoilo twice before mastering the save/publish feature.

I am not satisfied with my resume reel page. Since I am currently in the process of developing my resume reel I am not ready to upload any stories I have covered just yet. I also plan to revisit my writing samples page, to make it more organized.

I think the alumni panel during our second class meeting should have taken place much earlier in the semester. The alumni panel was very informative and insightful. If it was earlier in the semester, questions I needed answers to could have been answered much earlier. A mandatory resume building workshop, would have better prepared me. Since this course is geared toward looking at post- collegiate careers a resume building workshop is a great way to ensure our resumes are up to par.

I would advise future students of the importance of having a professional presence online. Developing an ePortfoilo, LinkedIn, and professional twitter allows you to mediate your professionalism while pursuing your career goals.

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